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    Different methods and devices:
    a unique experience.

    CATI CAWI CAPI perfectly integrated in one software

    Easy from the start

    IdSurvey is extremely easy to use, even for a professional survey software beginner. The working space is flexible, user friendly, intuitive,
    (WYSIWYG "What You See Is What You Get"):
    use the drag&drop, the advanced editors and
    IdCode-Scripting to easily manage and control all your CATI, CAWI and CAPI surveys from a single interface. Tooltips and integrated guides simplify your work with a clear and focused explanation of each single functionality.

    IdSurvey - professional CATI CAWI CAPI software


    IdSurvey is a professional CAI(Computer Assisted Interviewing) software suite that combines ease of use with complex problem solving. Its advanced features allow to manage and control all types of questions and answers, display & skip conditions, complex filters, randomization, javascript, css, variables and coding open-end answers. Learn more

    Types of Questions

    With IdSurvey you easily create single select, multiple choice, open-end, control, random and drop-down questions, grids (matrix), advanced grids, with autocomplete writing, likert scales, numerical questions, single rotations, group and page rotation, with videos, audio and images, etc.

    Types of Questions



    Programming questionnaires with IdCode is easy and quick. IdCode is simple and intuitive, made to solve complexities in a easy way. IdCode allows you to manage: filters, display and skip conditions, checks, piping, randomizations, quotas, variables, etc. You can use IdCode, the graphic interface or both at the same time. Learn more

    All in one: Telephone, web and face-to-face

    With IdSurvey you create a questionnaire once and then you simply decide which survey method to use: telephone, web, face-to-face or mixed mode. Thanks to its flexibility IdSurvey is the best software for questionnaire construction and administration of any type of survey: market research, customer satisfaction, opinion pool, etc.

    Statistics, Reports and Data Export

    Statistics, Reports and Data Export

    All data collected with questionnaires are immedialty available for analysis, statistics and report processing. Data export is available in most common formats such as: SPSS (with automatic labeling), Access, Excel and CSV.

    Web based

    You can use IdSurvey with your preferred browser from any PC or Mac connected to the internet or to the company lan. Editing and updates of the questionnaire are done in real time without stopping phone interviewers (CATI) and web users (CAWI) from working. Face to face interviewers (CAPI) that work offline receive the updates with a simple tap. System maintenance is economic, safe and fast and it guarantees continuity, entirety and data availability.

    Customer Support

    Customer Support

    Our biggest concern is customer satisfaction. We put at your disposal a team of experts that’s ready to assist you any time you need help. We're ready to help you solve problems immediately.
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