Specifications and Features


  • High Compatibility

    IdSurvey is compatible with most modern browsers and with any operating system. The CAPI application is compatible with Apple iOS, Android and Windows.

    User friendly

    IdSurvey has a WYSIWYG - What You See Is What You Get interface that is easy and intuitive.

  • Drag&Drop

    The drag & drop feature makes it easier to create a questionnaire and to order pages, questions, answer options and to insert multimedia contents.

    User Access Management

    The access authorizations management is customizable for any section of the software. For example, you can create a customized authorization for a client that allows to enter just Statistics section or other part(s) of one of more projects.

  • Single administration platform

    One of the main features that distinguishes IdSurvey from other survey software is its single administration platform for all survey methods: CATI, CAPI, CAWI and Mixed Mode. You only need to create a questionnaire once and then choose the preferable method to conduct the survey.

    Mixed mode

    IdSurvey allows to make surveys in a mixed mode that combines CATI, CAWI and CAPI (i.e. you can set an email template that can be sent with a click to those CATI contacts that wants to complete their interview via web).

  • Logic

    IdSurvey allows you to manage survey logic, filters and display & skip conditions of any complexity without any limits.

    Immediate release

    Publication, modifications and updates of the questionnaire are immediate and available in real time.

  • Interrupted Interviews

    With IdSurvey you never lose collected data. Thanks to automatic saving you can always pick up and complete an interview exactly where it was interrupted.


    Collected data are centralized on Microsoft SQL Server database with the possibility of daily automatic backups.

  • Updates

    The software is updated automatically and installation is carried out with a simple click.


  • Easy to use Questionnaire builder

    The drag & drop tool and the WYSIWYG interface make structuring and creating questions, responses and pages a piece of cake. No scripting knowledge is neccesarily required.

    Types of Questions

    Itís possible to create the following types of questions: single select, multiple choice, openend, checking questions, mono-exclusive, drop-down, auto-complete writing, grids, composed grids, likert scales, ranking questions, rating, with pictures, audio, video, with regular expressions, mixed.

  • Easy Switch (from graphical interface to IdCode - scripting language)

    The questionnaire builder and IdCode - scripting language are alligned automatically in real-time. Itís possible to switch from one to another with a simple click and with no need to change interface.

    IdCode - Scripting Language

    IdCode consists of a powerfull custom scripting language. Being intuitive even non-experts can structure and manage a questionnaire easily. By switching from IdCode to the graphical interface and viceversa you quickly learn how to use IdCode.

  • No Limits

    You can create as many complex questionnaires, questions, responses, filters and display & skip conditions as you like.


    You can randomize pages, questions, answer options, columns and rows of grids. Itís also possible to randomize groups or blocks of objects.

  • Piping Features

    The piping function permits to display a previously given answer(s) or sample variable(s) within the text of the next question or answer option.

    Codify open-end questions

    The open-end codifier allows to quickly codify collected answers of open-end questions. Answers can also be codified simultaneously.

  • Multimedia Contents

    You can insert multimedia contents, audio & video files and pictures in questions and answer options.

    Survey database

    Itís always possible to add questions or answers from other surveys/questionnaires.

  • Multi-language questionnaires

    With IdSurvey the same questionnaire can be conducted in more languages expanding the number of potential reach and improving the quality and quantity of service offered to your clients.


  • Quotas management

    Quotas can be uploaded from a simple Microsoft Excel sheet. The number of quotas and parameters that you can use are unlimited.

    Quota sampling

    With IdSurvey you can manage both random and stratified sampling for an unlimited number of parameters.

  • CATI, CAWI, CAPI Quota management

    Quota management is available for all three survey modes.


    Quotas are updated based on sample information you already have or on answers given to specific questions.

  • Updates

    Every modification of quota is changed in real time and itís available immediately.

    Reports of Quotas

    The software provides a complete report of all quotas available in real time. Even the interviewers dispose over a complete quotas overview to keep on track (this function can be disabled by the supervisor/administrator).


  • Sample Management

    The sample list can be imported from a .CSV or Excel file and organized according to different parameters and outcomes. Modifications or updates in real time.


    The sample list can be easily managed as you can set specific or general filters for each interviewer.

  • Variables Management

    To get the best from your research with IdSurvey you can assign to each contact of the sample unlimited and customized variables.

    Main Sample and Spare samples

    IdSurvey is capable of managing automatically both main samples and spare samples.

Statistics and Data Export

  • General Statistics in real time

    IdSurvey automatically generates reports and statistics. Data are available in real time via web and they can be consulted just using a simple browser.

    Univariate and Bivariate Analysis

    IdSurvey processes data derived from univariate and bivariate analysis. Final processing of all results is carried out automatically and in real time.

  • Monitoring

    Thanks to reports generated in real time, you can monitor all ongoing surveys as well as interviewerís performances.

    Activity and Productivity

    IdSurvey provides reports to monitor and optimize the survey progress and its productivity: minimum, maximum and average interview duration, number of completes and incompletes, rate of refusals...etc.

  • Automatic labelling for SPSS

    IdSurvey labels automatically in case of data export to SPSS.

    Data Export

    The collected data can be exported in SPSS, CSV, Access and Excel formats.

  • Custom Data export

    Itís possible to customize the data export section based on your specific needs for analysis.


  • Simple and Intuitive interface

    The CATI interviewerís interface is simple, practical and intuitive. All necessary tools are easy to find so that the interviewers training session is really quick, saving you money and time.

    Web Based

    Administrators, supervisors and interviewers can work from any location connected to internet (office, home or elsewhere) using a simple browser. Flexibility and maximum productivity are guaranteed.

  • Free from Installation

    The IdSurvey CATI interface works with a simple browser without needing to install any additional software client side.

    Flexible Licensing

    IdSurveyís License policy is extremely flexible. You can either purchase licenses definitively or rent licenses for a specific period of time and enjoy economic benefits.

  • Monitor Interviewers

    IdSurvey allows to monitor each individual interviewer as the software provides statistics and productivity parameters for each interviewer in real time.

    Click to Dial

    With Click to Dial the telephone interviewer starts calling with a simple click without having to dial the number, improving productivity and efficiency.

  • Predictive Dialing

    IdSurvey can be integrated with IdTalk, a custom PBX designed for handling phone calls automatically. Predictive Dialling will eliminate time spent searching for available contacts, doubling the interviewersís productivity.

    Improved Call Back

    Managing Callbacks is easy with IdSurvey. If engaged, no answer or deferred, IdSurvey flags up the contact at intervals of time that can be individually set and differentiated, based on the specific requirements of each survey.

  • Sample Management

    IdSurvey makes it easy to handle your sample list as modifications and updates are carried out immediately. Every event connected to the sample is registered allowing to control incorrect telephone numbers.


    Telephone interviewers can book with a simple click an appointment thatís reserved to themselves or thatís available to all telephone interviewers. The calendar-agenda takes in consideration the differences in time zones.

  • Appointments Management

    The supervisor or administrator can manage all appointments in the administration platform by (re-) assigning them to other telephone operators in real time.

    Custom emails

    With a simple click from the interviewers interface you can send a precomposed email containing a survey link. The Mixed Mode function will enable respondents to complete the interview on the web.

  • UTC

    IdSurvey takes automatically care of the differences in time zones allowing to carry out interviews all over the world.

    Recording and Listening Features

    Our IdTalk PBX features the necessary tools for recording and listening of the interviews to guarantee the best activities monitoring.

  • Quota and Contact details

    In CATI interface the telephone operator disposes over the contact and quota details. If approved by the administrator, the telephone operators can modify and/or update these data at any time.

    Question Tree

    The CATI interface is featured with a question tree providing the interviewer with a complete and clear overview of the questions. Itís even possible to review and/or correct previous answers.

  • Survey controller

    In the event previous given answers get corrected during the interview, the software saves only the questions that are consistent with the logic of the questionnaire.

    Filter Feature

    If authorised by the supervisor/administrator, interviewers can set filters onto the sample list to obtain only those contacts that are part of a specific quota.

  • Statistics

    With IdSurvey you obtain not only an overview of questions, questions crossed and interviewers activities statistics, but you also have an overview of all complete and incomplete interviews.


  • Templates

    Getting a professional layout is easy as you just have to choose from different templates.

    Custom layout

    Personalise layouts with logos, colours, fonts and pictures that reflect your style.

  • Custom messages

    IdSurvey allows you to customise welcome, help, end, exceeded quota texts, etc.

    Multimedia Contents

    IdSurvey supports audio & video files, pictures and any other multimedia files.

  • Drag & Drop

    Make surveys more enjoyable with the drag & drop function. Respondents answer by dragging objects and shapes into the right space or order.

    Online questionnaires

    IdSurvey provides you with the code to integrate the questionnaire on websites and popups.

  • Anonymous or authenticated

    CAWI surveys can be anonymous or authenticated. Authenticated CAWI interviews require login which can be manual or automatic via a link that identifies the contact.

    One complete questionnaire per IP

    For anonymous surveys, itís possible to limit every IP to fill out the questionnaire only once. You avoid duplicates or incorrect data that could distort research.

  • Integrated email

    With IdSurvey you can even send out emails with custom layouts containing reports and custom messages.

    Email Reminder

    Send friendly reminder emails to one or more contacts to finish a survey.

  • Statistics

    With IdSurvey you obtain not only an overview of questions, questions crossed and interviewers activities statistics, but you also have an overview of all complete and incomplete interviews.


  • Smartphone, tablet, notebook

    IdSurvey CAPI is compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, Android devices or Windows pc, netbook and notebook.

    Apple Store e Google Play

    IdSurvey CAPI app is available on the Apple Store and Google Play.

  • Multimedia Contents

    IdSurvey CAPI supports audio & video files, pictures and any other multimedia file thatís compatible with the device you use.

    Work Offline

    Collected data are saved onto the db of the device (offline) and synchronised with the main server (online) in another moment with a simple click.

  • GPS tracking

    GPS monitoring system allows to track down and save the exact location of your fieldworkers.

    Adaptable Interface

    The CAPI interface automatically adapts its layout, scroll and navigation features to the device youíre using. Maximum compatibility is guaranteed.

  • Upload and Update

    With IdSurvey you can upload a questionnaire, make changes and update it using the same link.

    Interview counter

    This tool permits the interviewer to verify the number of complete interviews.

  • Sample list

    Each questionnaire requires a sample list (even if dummy), like this the interviewer has the possibility to interrupt interviews and finish them later.

    Quota management

    Quota management is also available for IdSurvey CAPI.

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