IdSurvey CAWI software. Online surveys with style.


    Software CAWI for online surveys.

    Computer Assisted Web Interviewing

    Free to create

    Customize each survey with practical, targeted communication that reflects your style. Choose a template or customize the layout with CSS style sheets.

    Richer and more dynamic

    Create questions with multimedia content like images, music and video. Customize your welcome message, end message and insert your questionnaire into your website or external web page.

    Costs based on use

    IdSurvey lets you enjoy a substantial reduction in costs, avoiding fixed costs. Web prepaid interviews are convenient, flexible and always represent the most suitable solution to your needs.

    Mixed mode

    The Mixed mode function allows respondents to finish an interview that started through telephone (CATI) via web (CAWI), picking it up at the exact point at which it was interrupted.

    Anonymous or authenticated

    CAWI surveys can be carried out in anonymous or authenticated mode. The login can be done manually or with a link that identifies the contact automatically.

    Software CAWI - Anonymous or authenticated surveys

    Select the right target group only

    In case of answers that correspond to an out of target or out of quota contact, a customized thank you message stops the interview guaranteeing a targeted data collection. The system saves also partial data that can be included in the exportation (i.e.: SPSS, Excel, CSV, Access).

    Custom Templates

    Everything you create with IdSurvey templates will draw attention. Start selecting the template from a variety of themes, drag the mouse over your preferred one to choose the perfect base for your survey. All templates are responsive and they automatically adapt to any PC, Mac or mobile. Each questionnaire is perfectly displayed on every tablet or smartphone (iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows phone).

    Custom Templates

    A lot of functionalitie

    A lot of functionalities

    IdSurvey CAWI is a simple, powerful and flexible survey method created to satisfy the most complex requirements independently of area of application (market research, customer satisfaction, opinion poll, etc.). Discover all IdSurvey features: questionnaire construction via graphical interface or scripting language, quota, statistics, multimedia contents, drag & drop...etc.

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