IdSurvey CATI software. Contacts, interviewers and supervisors in full harmony.


    CATI Software for telephone interviewing.

    Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing

    Ad hoc interface

    The interviewer interface provides intuitive tools to administer questionnaires. You can customize the interface according to project parameters.

    Free from installation

    CATI interviewers can authenticate themselves from any browser with no need of installation. IdSurvey is web based both for OnSite and OnCloud (SaaS - Software as a Service) set up.

    Flexible Licenses

    IdSurvey lets you enjoy a marked reduction in costs. You can buy permanent licenses or choose OnDemand licenses even just for the days of actual use. In both cases data collection is unlimited.

    Mixed mode

    IdSurvey is an advanced system to administer mixed interviews, Mixed Mode function allows respondents to finish via web (CAWI) an interview that started through telephone (CATI) picking it up at the exact point it stopped and saving already given answers.

    Click to Dial & Predictive Dialing

    Thanks to Click to Dial function you can quickly call contacts with no need of dialling the number. To further improve your call centers and as a perfect intergration to IdSurvey we created IdTalk switchboard: its Predictive Dialing system eliminates time spent searching for available contacts, doubling interviewers productivity.

    Click to Dial & Predictive Dialing

    Everything under Control

    Everything under Control

    IdSurvey reports provide a general overview of work progress. With IdSurvey you can monitor interviewers activity, average interview duration, general survey progress, questions, answers and check information on closed surveys, refusals, busy line, no answer, etc. IdSurvey supports most common export formats like SPSS, Excel, CSV, Access.

    Real-time Updates

    IdSurvey is an advanced system that enables editing and updates of the questionnaire in real time for all interviewers avoiding single interventions in the workstations. Market surveys are faster and easier with no interruption in the interviewers work.

    Real-time Updates

    VoIP OnDeman

    VoIP OnDemand

    IdSurvey can be perfectly integrated with VOIP and, in particular, with IdTalk. This customized VOIP PBX allows to save on infrastructure costs and to benefit of advanced tools and functionalities guaranteeing flexibility and rapidity. The Click to Dial function (Call with a click, without dialing the number) is available at request and it’s compatible with any PBX that supports VOIP/ SIP or TAPI protocol.

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