IdSurvey CAPI Software. The best tool for face to face surveys.


    Software CAPI for face-to-face surveys.

    Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing

    Start with a Click

    With IdSurvey CAPI you simply download the application on your portable pc, tablet or smartphone and you’re ready to interview without installing any additional components.


    IdSurvey CAPI is compatible with the following operating systems: Android, Windows, Microsoft Windows and Apple iOS. You can use the CAPI app on smartphones, tablets, notebooks, netbooks, iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

    Costs based on use

    IdSurvey lets you enjoy a substantial reduction in costs. Interview packages are convenient, flexible and with no fixed costs and they always represent the most suitable solution to your needs.

    Mixed mode

    If the interviewer wants, the CAPI interviews can be interrupted and completed through telephone (CATI) or via web (CAWI).

    Work offline

    IdSurvey CAPI is the advanced system designed by IdWeb that allows you to work also with no Internet connection. Data saved on the mobile device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Smartphone, Tablet, Notebook, etc.) will be synchronized in a second moment via Wi-Fi or mobile connection.

    Software CAPI - Work offlin

    Immediate results

    Immediate results

    Synchronize interviews results with a simple tap. Survey results can be immediately analyzed and exported in most common formats such as: SPSS with automatic labelling, Access, Excel and CSV.

    Powerful and with a lot of features

    IdSurvey CAPI is an advanced and intuitive system with all functionalities integrated, from questionnaire construction to interviews administration. You can create questionnaires using the graphic interface or the scripting code, questions and answers with multimedia content, filters, conditions, quotas, check statistics, manage interviewers and f2f interviews.

    Powerful and with a lot of features

    Powerful CAPI

    Powerful CAPI

    More and more research institutes and companies use face to face interviews to collect important data for quantitative and qualitative analysis: market research, client satisfaction in shops and mistery shopping are just some of the various employments of this flexible and trusty tool to guarantee an high-grade and truthful data collection.

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